In every walk of life there are oddities and video games are no exception. Sometimes it's the shock of a culture we don't understand, often it's an idea that could be really original or even years ahead of its time, and other times it can only be dismissed as nothing other than drug-induced. This is what the oddities section of Swankworld is all about. Call this the Ripley's vault of the strange, odd, and unusual. You won't see another write up of Custer's Revenge here, we're out to seek the real obscure.

Games on deck:

Hell's Groove Station: Imagine BeatMania with a plethera of minigames including a pen capping game, wood chopping, and a twisted frogger clone. Combine this with the best theme song in the world and you're in for one strange trip.

King of Crusher: You play a man with a temper and a very scared wife. Watch in awe as you take it out on everyone at home, work, and aliens from space?

Dog Trainer: Train dogs to sit, lay down, and not to go to the bathroom on your floor through minigames.