At SwankWorld, we've devised a rigorous review system to bring you, the reader and consumer,
the most accurate ratings of games we can provide. We can't post our secret algorhythms here,
but we'll be happy to explain how we come to the conclusion.

Overall Ratings At a Glance

1 = Shwag (Don't waste your time)
2-3 = Swill (Your $5 for a rental is better spent elswhere)
4 = Below Average (Speaks for itself)
5 = Average (Not great, but not bad)
6-7 = Above Average (Pretty good, better than some)
8-9 = Swoll (Great, but with some minor flaws)
10 = Swank (Gaming excellence)

The Breakdown

Ratings are determined by a breakdown of gaming qualities.

Visuals - How the game looks. Points are gained on good looks, style, presentation, and the
stability of the engine running them. Points are docked due to excessive graphical glitches, cutting of corners (3 guys look the same but are different colors), clipping issues, quality of
textures, environments, etc.

Sound - How does the game sound? Points are gained on good music that really sets the mood or is totally catchy. Good voice acting is a plus as well as the way weapons, engines, etc sound. If you have a pistol and a rocket launcher that use the same sound effect, something's wrong. Bad voice acting, while a common occurance in games, will dock points as well.

Gameplay - The most important factor of the breakdown. How does the game play? Is it fun?
How are the controls? Is gameplay hindered by annoying bugs? These are the questions that determine the gameplay score!

Replay - Do you really want to play the game again to get the full experience or was it just plain confusing? Are there unlockable features and are they worth it? Is the muliplayer any good?

Feed all of these parts to Swankworld's patented Always Valid Especially Rating Any Game Equation, and we get your overall score.

Well there you have it. Hopefully we've been able to enlighten you as to how the SwankWorld rating system works. Thanks for checking in!

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